Initially, the amount of employed people in the Individualistic society will be very similar to the amount of people employed in the original system.  For example, the number of people dislocated from the banking industry will become the HVR employees.  Overall the society is exactly the same, except that most business is now owned equally by the citizens.  Those whose jobs are made obsolete have self-sufficiency knowledge to rely upon until they find a new direction.  The amount of work actually needed by the people to survive will be lessened due to the substantial burdens lifted from them by these dismantlements.

a.  Usury


$182.2 billion in Mortgage interest  (42% of 9.7 Trillion in outstanding mortgages over an average of 22.5 years)

$165.4 billion in Credit card interest (13.8 Billion/mo (aver APR 22.5% = 1.875%/mo on 735B total US credit card debt))

$  45.0 billion in Auto interest (9% on 500 Billion in outstanding auto loans)


Totaling:  $392.6 Billion per year   (not including 211 Billion-dollar national debt interest or various other interest)

b.  Government Waste


$544.8 billion in Social Security

$359.5 billion in Unemployment and welfare

$345.7 billion in Medicare

$268.4 billion in Medicaid and other health

$  38.4 billion in Foreign affairs

$  88.7 billion in Education


Totaling:  $1.8566 Trillion  (approximately 71% of the US federal government spending)

c.  Public Waste


$  50 billion in Return from jail dismantlement per year

$500 billion in Processing and distributing foods

$120 billion in Profit to unnecessary industrial farms

$147 billion in Health (761 Billion removed by Populus Health.  (Minus the Medicare and Medicaid already listed above))

$  88 billion in Structures (now towards Public Health Structures and equipment as permanent assets of the public)


Totaling:  $905 Billion

Subtotal:  $3.1542 Trillion



     These returns will be short lived as they are actually set up to assist the dismantlement of destructive habits.  The revenue generated will be used to establish the foundations of the Individualistic society, so that it is secure when this revenue runs out in 5 to ten years.


$    2.0 billion in Junk mail taxes

$  88.2 billion in Fossil fuel taxes

$109.9 billion in Unnatural foods taxes

$  49.7 billion in Controlled substance taxes


Simplifying taxes:


$300 billion (stopped evasion techniques and reduced administration costs) 

$125 billion (simplified processing of complex tax law guidelines)


Totaling:  $675 Billion


Not including: excess land tax, Foreign soil tax, Hazardous material tax, Large entity tax, Packaging tax, Primitive Vehicle tax, and Waste tax.  Each of these taxes requires too much data to accurately estimate for this work.  The total revenue of all of these taxes is expected to be in the hundreds of billions if not surpassing a Trillion, being that they mostly affect large businesses.



     The Amount saved by the various "at cost" products and services of the Populus has too many variables to accurately estimate, but could be figured as a percentage of the US 13.2 Trillion dollar Gross Domestic Product.  That percentage is left up to the reader to decide.  Some in business ensure themselves a 10% profit, others much higher.


$261.3 billion in College education due to free education.  (Annual 350 Billion in college education, minus 88.7  government student aid  (already included above) from the 135 Billion in total annual student aid.)


Totaling: $261.3 Billion




Grand Total:   $4.1 Trillion  burden removed from the people.

(Not including the above mentioned taxes and product savings, both possibly being around one trillion dollars a piece)


     This is approximately $1,139 per month for every man woman and child in the US.  Equivalent to the entire population, even infants and the disabled, working full time at $7.12 per hour.